Betsy Mugavero

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Amadeus, Utah Shakespeare Festival

"Betsy Mugavero is earthy and uninhibited, yet compassionate and loyal, as Constanze, Mozart's wife."

-The Salt Lake Tribune

"Betsy Mugavero, as Mozart’s wife Constanze, is as solid as ever, bringing her trademark mix of grace and humor to the role."

-The Spectrum

"Mozart giggles, he spouts baby-talk profanity, he chases his beloved Constanze (Betsy Mugavero, deceptively blithe) around the room and under the piano, making cheerfully suggestive suggestions."

-The Las Vegas Review Journal

The Two Gentlemen of Verona, Utah Shakespeare Festival

"..ending with Betsy Mugavero's masterful handling of the production's closing line, it is clear there is more to "Two Gentlemen" than I thought once upon a time."

-The Spectrum

"Julia also forgives Proteus, although Betsy Mugavero's brilliantly ambiguous reading of the play's final line leaves their future as a couple undecided."

- The Salt Lake Tribune

"Betsy Mugavero gave another noteworthy performance in this play as Julia...In her first scene, when Julia swoons over a love letter from Proteus, Mugavero was supremely charming.

" Mugavero donned a dapper suit and became a more convincing man than most actresses do in similar roles."

-Utah Theater Bloggers Association

As You Like It, Great Lakes Theater

"The petite and talented Betsy Mugavero makes for a radiant Rosalind."

-The News-Herald

As You Like It, Idaho Shakespeare Festival

"Mugavero's Rosalind bubbles with energy and wit..."

-Idaho Statesman

"Mugavero's Rosalind shone..."

-Boise Weekly

Peter and the Starcatcher, Utah Shakespeare Festival

"Betsy Mugavero is the perfect child-woman; spontaneous and resilient but wise beyond her years."

- The Salt Lake Tribune

"Mugavero is charming as the over-eager, hyper-intelligent star catcher.."

-Utah Theater Bloggers Association

Clownzilla: A Love Story, Rude Guerilla Theater
"As lovers Hope and Toots, deadpan Betsy Mugavero recalls the young Bernadette Peters, while mournful Adrian Alita suggests the late Emmett Kelly as slacker."
-Los Angeles Times
"For her part, Mugavero projects the surprised and often baffled look of great silent film comic Harry Langdon."
-O.C. Register

Romeo and Juliet, Pennsylvania Shakespeare Festival
"Kenner and Mugavero develop their fatal attraction so naturally- and with such vulnerability...and make you vividly recall what that first real fall for someone is about."
-The Philadelphia Inquirer
"Betsy Mugavero, as a starry-eyed Juliet, is charming and playful as a kitten..."
- The Morning Call
" first irresistibly childlike then startlingly mature Juliet (Betsy Mugavero) locate the heart of this staging in a seething teen passion, in a genuine love that cannot be denied."
- Reading Eagle

The School for Wives, Utah Shakespeare Festival
"...Mugavero pulls her weight as naive, up for whatever, Agnes."
-Las Vegas City Life

Romeo and Juliet, Great Lakes Theater
"As Juliet, Mugavero has a luminous presence; she virtually the story progresses, she moves from frothy to fraught with heartbreaking sincerity."
-The Plain Dealer
"Romeo and Juliet gets a credible performance at GLT, highlighted by an enchanting performance by Betsy Mugavero as Juliet."